Fly into Budapest, and onwards to Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

What a great time we had on this school.  We have such lovely friends there, and on this occasion which was the 3rd School, and with almost 60 people registered it felt like breakthrough time.    There were so many good responses happening all week, many tears shed, and also much joy in evidence.  One man declared he never had emotions until a Dutch member of our team hugged him, and for the first time he felt something in his heart.     The Ukrainian team is building up with so many significant changes happening in both the leaders and the members of the church.    

                                                             Uzhgorod, Ukraine

                                                             Uzhgorod, Ukraine

God's Embassy, Amsterdam: July 13th to 17th, 2015

Another really good week with about 60 + registered plus the wonderful team of friends from Embassy.   It was great to have Keith & Mary with us to help with RTF single issues, plus Susanna & Kate to lead worship.    Some really special and tender testimonies at the end of tender hearts opening to receive love, and the special place of hugs from a trusted father or mother during the week.   We were so encouraged by being there and, of course, having our bikes with us to take full advantage of the fine Dutch cycling routes.     We are so thankful to the Father for connecting us to these people.

Eagles Wings School of the Heart: June 21st to July 11th, 2015

Wow, what a brill time with the 22 students at this 3 week school.   The worship every day was a massive key to softening our hearts, staff included.   Such a lovely group from 8 different nations, so easy to fall in love with them all.   Some of them faced really difficult issues plus long buried stuff that the Holy Spirit began to reveal.   Their courage to face it all was amazing.  We really honour the way they responded.    Also so great to see different nationalities and ages flow together with love and respect.

God's Embassy, Amsterdam : Mar 28th to Apr 2nd, 2015

What a great time of healing and release for many who came on this school.  We are so delighted to be working with such a great team of Dutch friends, plus some UK friends who joined us.  Tim & Judith Clarke led the worship so well.      I love the way the Dutch are so open and eager to receive, and the numerous ways the Father somehow downloads His love into our hearts.    Thanks so much Dick & Arleen for welcoming us again. 

Switzerland Jan '15

Lovely time in Buchen, in the mountains above, Thun.   Joachim & Erika are such lovely friends.  The school seemed more powerful than our last visit......  and the sledging down a 3km ice run electrifying.....   especially when I hit the edge at speed..... !!!     We were delighted to have Helen & Jeroen with us again from Amsterdam.    

Uzhgorod, Ukraine: August 15th to 25th

     We travelled by air to Kosice, Slovakia then by road to the border.  Uzhgorod is just a short distance on the other side.   It was another week where previous friendships were strengthened and we had the privilege of seeing the Father do some amazing healing of wounded hearts plus bringing revelation of what He is like as a Father and how it is possible to hear His voice. 


     It was so good to have our friends Jaap & Marlies from Holland with us who did some RTF ministry with those who wanted it.   They also saw breakthrough for people who had experienced very negative and/or traumatic events in their childhood.    Our friend, Lena Molnar, organised the week really well.  At the end we had an adventure up the mountains for an overnight stay, where the track had become a sea of mud.  Further rain overnight made it almost impassable except for the army troop carrier that came to our rescue.     Big thanks to all who helped to make the school a success.