Uzhgorod, Ukraine: August 15th to 25th

     We travelled by air to Kosice, Slovakia then by road to the border.  Uzhgorod is just a short distance on the other side.   It was another week where previous friendships were strengthened and we had the privilege of seeing the Father do some amazing healing of wounded hearts plus bringing revelation of what He is like as a Father and how it is possible to hear His voice. 


     It was so good to have our friends Jaap & Marlies from Holland with us who did some RTF ministry with those who wanted it.   They also saw breakthrough for people who had experienced very negative and/or traumatic events in their childhood.    Our friend, Lena Molnar, organised the week really well.  At the end we had an adventure up the mountains for an overnight stay, where the track had become a sea of mud.  Further rain overnight made it almost impassable except for the army troop carrier that came to our rescue.     Big thanks to all who helped to make the school a success.