Eagles Wings School of the Heart

In March we completed our 8th Eagles Wings School of the Heart in which we have seen such heart transformations take place with around a total of 102 students who have graduated the course.   This year we have agreed to change them slightly to 3-week school to take place in Spring, Summer and Autumn each year.    The 3 weeks give access to people who cannot manage a month but have more flexibility in arranging 3 weeks.    We wish we could share all of the testimonies that we have witnessed on these schools, which focus on having a revelation of God's love and dealing with serious or seemingly trivial issues of past experience which inhibit us in receiving how loved we are by the Father.   There is plenty of time to spend time resting, contemplating and also in receiving help from experienced prayer ministry staff.   The accommodation and food is another area of life at Lox Lane Christian Centre that is spoken of highly.      There are 2 remaining schools for 2013,   June 23rd to July 13th    and  Sept 22nd to Oct 12th.     If you would like to register then go to the website at    www.eagles-wings.co.uk   and download the application form.