Carrying the message of the Father's love to the nations.

We continue to travel abroad to different nations even though we have been spending more time in the UK.  This year we have already held schools in Switzerland, Brazil and Netherlands.    The incredible delight of meeting lovely people mostly from the mountains in Switzerland at the beginning of the year,   the challenge of 40 degrees near Rio in a Baptist Church in Feb, and  the fun of being in Amsterdam with a bunch of friends for yet another school.     It seems that God loves to reveal Himself to those who really want to engage with Him as a kind and loving Father, not as some distant and angry Potentate who wants obedience and shuns relationship.    As we see that revelation touching people, we never fail to be moved by His goodness and mercy to us, in giving us such cracking good news that sets people free from all kinds of pain and wounding to really be who they were meant to be.   The whole church world-wide needs this revelation, because the whole world wants to hear good news of truth from Heaven that brings liberation and joy.