Eagles Wings School, July 2014

We are always surprised by how much deeper a 3-week school goes into people's hearts.  All of the 17 students, on this the 11th school, were so open and eager to  receive all that they could during the time.   It was a joy to have Tim and Judith Clarke helping us, not only with the worship but also with the teaching.  We love being part of a team, rather than doing a double act !!   So being in the context of Father's House, Shaftesbury with Clive & Sue Jackson, plus Simon Baddeley, Linda & Andy East, Paul & Michelle Gaskin, Paul Skelton, Arleen Westerhof, Keith & Mary Warren, Paul White and Paul Wakely represents for us much more of a team, each bringing their own revelation on the Father's Love and how to get your heart healed.   Big thanks to all who helped to make this school a delight.